How many logos can you count?

While watching Thursday Night Football, I realized some poor soul had to combine a bunch of logos on one screen...but how many?

How many logos can you count?

A year ago today while watching Thursday Night Football, I noticed this frame was jam-packed with logos.

Can you imagine a brief requesting all of these logos in the same image?

Whoever did the layout kept it simple and basically just stacked them all up. Not sure if there was a better way to do it, but it's still pretty clunky.

Overall, I think the genius move here was to keep the pixels primarily focused on the background city graphic (lots of depth) and the broadcasters (personal appeal) as opposed to the Leaning Tower of Logos.

It's really hard to count how many there are because of combinations. Do NFL and NFL network count as two?

Here's my best take.

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. NFL
  4. NFL Network
  5. FOX
  6. FOX NFL
  7. FOX Sports (on the mic flag)
  8. Prime
  9. Prime Video
  10. Amazon smile
  11. Bud Light
  12. Bud Light Platinum
  13. GMC
  14. GMC Kickoff Show?

Did I miss any? Have an idea of what they should have done? Drop a comment!